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Connecting Black Wealth and Infrastructure from Within

Circulate BLACK Dollars Among Black-Owned Businesses to Build Infrastructure and Wealth in the Black Community.

Business and Economy

Learn how you can be a part of building infrastructure within the Black Community.

Networking and Community

Discover events and resources by networking with professionals in the Black Community.

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Success is greater achieved when we work together.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW UNAPOLOGETIC YOU!

Many have stated the obvious. Many have protested the injustices and unfairness. Many have the same desires for greatness shared among peers within the community.

NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!  Now is the time to be the bold unapologetic Black Professional who not only brings awareness but brings about change through engagement.

Fund It Forward

Targeted growth through foundational financial support to help both startup and established entities ramp up.

Networks Matter

Restoring faith in the common bonds that bring us together and strengthen our unions while trusting our leadership.

Personal Development

Exploring our inner passions to bring out the best in who we are through education, training, coaching and therapy.

Professional Advancement

Career tips and resources driven by a community of achievement driven professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Let’s Build Infrastructure

Your Dollar Has Power…
Why Not Circulate It?…

Imagine how well off your own community would be if everyone in the community patronized each other in business and commerce.  Just think of how much better products and services would be as a result of having the capital to improve and increase the quality of all things offered.  Envision the strength of that support spearheading widespread demand for quality goods created right within your own community from those not only in the community but outside the community as well.

Infrastructure Based Initiatives

Transportation services such as roads, bridges, cycle highways, rail, airports and ports.
Production and delivery of energy including electric grids. Most nations are moving towards sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and wind.
Water infrastructure that provides a supply of clean water and management of water resources.
Safety & Resilience
Institutions and systems that allow a region to endure stresses such as a natural disaster. For example, earthquake detection systems, tsunami shelters and a resilient source of local food.
Financial markets and services that support foundational economic processes such as raising capital, investing, maintaining wealth, payments and managing risk.
Health & Education
Institutions that provide for basic quality of life such as hospitals and schools.
Standards & Rules
Institutions that provide basic rules and standards that result in productive competition, stewardship of common resources and protection of quality of life.
Public Space
Public space that attracts economic activity such as tourism and corporate offices including parks, beaches and nature reserves.
Cultural institutions such as museums that attract tourists and companies to a region.
Baseline, new and emerging technology services such as networks, data and digital delivery.
Systems that improve environmental conditions such as rain gardens and green roofs.

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